How is the website development process? - - Website development How is the website development process? - - Website development

How is the website development process?

Website or e-commerce site, or the site below is a tool with which the company or organization can create additional customer or visitor interest in themselves, as well as attract attention to certain events or services.

Further to this the attention we can get to work and convert those leads into customers, if the created site is built properly, and trusted company.

High quality site you will bring more visits and more benefit from it. If the website will be built on the principle that the ķekš site is simply unnecessary, then it does not fulfil its mission to attract new customers and to inform potential leads.

Determining the goals and objectives of the research

To the site could function quick and innovative look, perform feasibility studies and clear targets.

  • Development goal and the potential target audience;
  • Rolling, objective, needs;
  • The site structure, section number, type and language;
  • Visual identity and characteristics;

Site concept and design

After gathering all of the information obtained, we will prepare you for your offers and the concept of defined objectives, which also will mark the project plan, costs and goals.

The site’s visual identity development

When the agreement is made, then starting work on the Visual identities of development, which means that primary development at all just visually, while you, as a customer and we as developers have a clear visual concept, if you need to make adjustments while the Visual concept is achieved the desired and it is approved.

Site Adaptive frame design

As soon as you see a clear vision for the Visual concept, then we can get down to this concept, or delivering the site frame design, which means that the site will be clickable, and you can see how it will look. When this result is achieved, then honed at all, so the result to be satisfactory and innovative look.

Site carcass integration administration panel

To the site would be able to manage not only for people with programming knowledge it needs administration panel from which the atiecīg are able to add content to this site.

Site testing and fixes

As soon as the site is added to the Admin Panel, then it is checked or iztestēt to prevent errors that occur in the design process.

Site publishing and advertising

When all processes are made and approved, then agreed to go passive phase of the transition to the active development site maintenance and development to achieve maximum results from the objectives set.