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Wholesaler XML integration

Automatic and convenient data synchronization with any system


Integration with wholesalers

About our wholesale integration solution

WD Link is an online store product management system that optimizes work with product data by providing fully automated integration to IT systems and warehouses of various wholesalers. WD Link provides additional functionality, optimizes daily tasks and reduces online store maintenance costs.

Basic functions:

  • Product data synchronisation options with more than 200+ European and worldwide wholesalers;
  • Synchronisation with the most popular price comparison sites;
  • Synchronisation wholesalers’ IT systems;
  • Product data (such as names, images, descriptions, attributes, etc.) import into the online store.

Your store will always have the right prices and correct stock balances, avoid situations when clients are offered out-of-stock or out-of-date goods!

The mark-up strategy is used as the wholesaler’s concealed strategy.

Mark-up strategies

With a wide variety of mark-up strategies, WD Link offers an easy way to create a mark-up policy. You can also create an unlimited amount of mark-up strategies!

In each mark-up strategy, it is possible to include an unlimited number of price levels with corresponding mark-ups. Mark-ups can be indicated both as a percentage (for example – 15%) as well as statically (for example – 10 EUR).

Automatic comparison of wholesaler prices

WD Link performs automatic price comparisons, ensuring that the lowest retail price is published in the online store and product comparison portals, for products offered by multiple wholesalers.

Note that the lowest purchase price does not necessarily mean the lowest selling price either, as retail prices mainly depend on the chosen mark-up strategy, which may be different for different wholesalers.

Link online store categories with the wholesalers

In order for the goods to be shown into the correct online store categories, WD Link provides a link between the wholesalers and online store categories. In this case, for each wholesaler category, the corresponding online store category is indicated.

The desired mark-up strategy is also attached to the product categories, according to which the retail prices for all products in this category are calculated.

Automated linking between wholesalers and online store

The link between wholesalers and e-store manufacturers is automated, but it is not uncommon for a wholesaler’s manufacturer’s name to be different from that defined in the store, for example, “Hewlett Packard” is often abbreviated as “HP”. In such cases, it is possible to link manufacturers manually. If the manufacturer is not yet registered in the e-store, this can be done in the WD Link manufacturer interface. This makes it easier for staff to enter the list of manufacturers automatically.

Unique solution

WD Link is not a cloud solution and is not located on a third-party server with inherent regular surcharges and potential technical issues. WD Link is installed on the client’s hosting or server, eliminating any technical or financial dependence on external factors. WD Link users, unlike cloud users, determine themselves when and how often they will update their wholesale warehouse data. For example, during sales/promotions held by wholesalers, stock updates may be required every 10 minutes. Wholesaler data update takes place in parallel UNIX system processes, so data recovery from 50 or more vendors takes place simultaneously and will be done only in a few seconds.

Make changes as you wish

WD Link is designed as an open-source solution, so customers can change and supplement it at their own discretion. WD Link allows you to completely change the wholesaler’s data import/update mechanism with programmable PHP API plugins, thus enabling the most unimaginable transformations during the import/update of product data.

Key benefits

Online store owners choose WD Link because our solution has been stable on the market for more than 10 years

200+ wholesalers
Compatibility with warehouses of more than 200+ wholesalers in Europe and worldwide
Data synchronization
Automatic data synchronization with warehouses at any time
10 years experience with successful data import and optimization
Imports of goods
Import goods from various sources - XML, CSV, API, SCM, CRM, & ERP, Excel, Pdf, Txt, etc.
Open source
Open-source application, so users can add / modify it themselves
Technical support
Free technical support and consultations every working day

Integration with product comparison sites

What does our XML integration system look like?


Integration with most popular e-commerce platforms

WD Link monthly fees

Choose one of the plans that are listed below or contact us for an individual offer


WD Link

no 20 / per wholesaler

First 3 wholesalers


WD Link

no 10 / per wholesaler

For 4th to the 20th wholesaler


WD Link

no 3 / per wholesaler

Above 20th supplier


WD Link

no 20 / WD link module

Up to 5000 products


WD Link

no 00 / for Shop4Rent clients

Up to 5000 products

Additional services

Service Price
Machine translator in 2 languages (Client API *)  10.00 EUR for all wholesalers
Machine translator in 1 language (our API *)  10.00 EUR per wholesaler
Energy labels 1.00 EUR to 15.00 EUR/m * *
* API key or access data
* * Price is determined by amount of the products

Top wholesalers

Frequently asked questions

The monthly cost of the WD link service depends on how many wholesalers are required. If 3 wholesalers are required, the monthly fee will be 3 x 20 EUR (WD link MINI Plan). If 6 wholesalers are required, 2 service plans will already be taken into account - for the first 3 wholesalers 3 x 20 euro (WD link MINI Plan) and for the 4 - 6 wholesaler 3 x 10 euro (WD link Standard Plan).
WD Link provides regular and automatic stock and item price updates as well as new product imports with additional descriptions, attributes, and images. In addition, WD Link automatically compares prices and publishes the lowest prices in your e-store, allowing suppliers to fight for the right to sell goods in your store.
After filling in and sending the contact form, our IT specialist will contact you to find out the engine of your store (the name of the content management system) and the wholesalers you need, as well as your unique access to the IT systems of the suppliers. After receiving the necessary information, within 5-10 working days, WD Link will be installed on your server (hosting).
WD Link supports the following common e-store types: OpenCart, CS-Cart, BtoB, Magento, PrestaShop, OSCommerce, ZenCart, WebAsyst, CubeCart, ShopScript, as well as many other commercial and custom e-store types. The main prerequisite for WD Link to work is the LAMP platform: Linux (Unix) + MySQL + PHP
For customers who rent the WD Link, technical support is provided automatically and is already included in the rental price. In turn, for customers who have bought the WD Link, technical support is offered as an additional service. As 10 years of WD Link experience show, many companies already have their own IT staff who handle WD Link technical support perfectly. We also offer 24 × 7 technical support for especially demanding customers.
WD Link currently provides connectivity to more than 200+ base wholesalers. Connecting a new supplier usually takes 1-2 business days and usually cost € 70. Customers who rent the WD Link do not have to pay extra for connecting a base supplier. It is also possible to connect unique base suppliers known only to the customer, their names will not appear in the common list of connected wholesalers.
In order to connect a new base supplier to your e-store, it is first necessary to contact this wholesaler and agree on cooperation. Once the wholesaler has granted you access to their IT system or XML network resource, we will add the required module to WD Link. After connecting the wholesaler, we will provide you with additional advice on the configuration parameters of the given wholesaler, allowing you to choose the most optimal ones. WD Link also provides a flexible API that allows users to connect new base vendors themselves, but this requires at least a minimal knowledge of the programming language - PHP. As an alternative, “XML and EXCEL constructors” are offered, which allow you to add new suppliers in a friendly and user-friendly environment - in a simple dialogue mode, without going into any technical aspects.
"XML and Excel Constructors" are two WD Link modules that allow users to connect new wholesalers from EXCEL tables and XML sites for free. Both modules are included with the WD Link base kit. It should be noted that sometimes the structure of XML is too complex for the "XML constructor" automatic recognition algorithm to handle, in this case customers are offered to connect base suppliers, € 70 per supplier. Our experience shows that in 80% -90% of cases, the "XML constructor" handles the task perfectly.
Often the wholesaler is unable to make any product data available. In such cases, an individual solution is sought - up to the modernization of the wholesaler's IT infrastructure. In most cases, wholesalers are able to offer product data in at least the EXCEL format, which is quite sufficient for such a wholesaler to be added on WD Link.
When importing goods, WD Link collects all available data on wholesalers' goods - names, images, descriptions (in all possible languages), prices and balances. In addition, wholesaler product categories are collected. Subsequent imports already compare previously collected data with current data to determine changes in prices and inventories.
WD Link sniedz iespēju veidot uzcenojumu plānus(stratēģijas) un piesaistīt tos dažādām preču kategorijām. Uzcenojumu plāns sastāv no viena vai vairākiem cenu līmeņiem ar tiem definētajiem uzcenojumiem. Uzcenojumus var veidot gan procentuāli gan izteikt cietā – naudas izteiksmē. Tāpat katrai precei atsevišķi var noteikt striktu pārdošanas cenu, pilnībā ignorējot piesaistīto uzcenojumu plānu. Pārdošanas cena veidojas pēc ļoti vienkārša principa: Pārdošanas cena = (iepirkšanas cena + Jūsu noteiktais uzcenojums) + PVN.
WD Link provides an opportunity to create mark-up plans (strategies) and link them to different product categories. A mark-up plan consists of one or more price levels with mark-ups defined on them. Surcharges can be expressed as a percentage or in solid - monetary terms. Also, a strict selling price can be set for each product individually, completely ignoring the attached mark-up plan. The sales price is based on a very simple principle: Sales price = (purchase price + your mark-up) + VAT.

Development of an individual online store

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Quality guarantees, customer service every working day and free consultation!

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