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Shop for Rent – special

Do not lose your business!

Start selling online today!

Shop for rent platform will provide you with opportunity to start your own online store in as little as 1 day.

  1. Let’s help you to create a store in few days;
  2. We will help to learn the basics of e-commerce;
  3. Let’s show you how to advertise and sell more;
  4. We will help to expand the range of customers and increase turnover;

The employees of our company’s have been working and generating solutions for more than 10 years in the field of e-commerce. Your job is to think about your business expansion, not technical problems.


How to calculate monthly expenses for the store?

* Latvijas ražotājiem un veikaliem ar preču skaitu līdz 1000 precēm 50% atlaide veikala nomas maksai.

! Veikala veids:

Veikala uzturēšana:

Vairumtirgotāju preču integrācija:

Piegādātāju skaits:

Norādiet datu piegādatāju skaitu, kam Jums ir XML/CSV/API/EXCEL vai cita veida datu padeve.

Vienkāršos datu piegādātājus varēsiet pieslēgt paši ar konstruktora palīdzību, bez papildus maksas.

Vai veikala saturu vēlaties, lai ievadām mēs?

Vēlaties satura ievadi nodot professionāļiem? Varam to veikt Jūsu vietā, par fiksētu maksu.

Vēlaties iepriekšējā veikala preces pārvietot uz jauno veikalu automātiski?

Aptuvenās mēneša izmaksas

Iespējamās papildizmaksas

E-pasts ar 2 - 5 EUR / mēn
domēns - 12.10 EUR / gadā


Jautājumu gadījumā zvaniet vai rakstiet.

Tālrunis: 24400020

Dalīties ar kalkulatora rezultātiem:

Shop for Rent primary functions

All Shops for Rent are provided with following functions

Adaptive design
Extensive product filtering options, filtering by price, name, manufacturer, etc.
SEO friendly
Introduction of basic SEO guidelines to improve positions in Google and other search engines
SSL certificate
It will improve the security and speed of the website, as well as inform the visitor about it
Technical support
Free technical support and consultations every working day
Warranty and updates
We guarantee monthly updates and improvements
Automatic invoicingrēķinu izsūtīšana
Automatic preparation and sending of an advance or invoice with a company logo
Multiple languages
You can add an unlimited number of languages
Product parameter filter
Extensive product filtering options, filtering by price, name, manufacturer, etc.
Unlimited product volume
Possibility to add unlimited goods - add as many as you want
Different payment systems
Bank transfer, Paypal, credit card system, etc.
Different types of delivery
Possible deliveries: Latvijas Pasts, Courier, Omniva, etc.
Product synchronization
Synchronize products with any wholesaler database
Convenient administration panel
Ability to easily administer all website content and images through the administration panel
Tutorials and training
Documentation for using the online store, as well as training and consultations
Unlimited sections
Possibility to add an unlimited number of sections and subsections (photo, video)
Possibility to place an order manually
Manual ordering and convenient editing of existing orders
Promotions and coupons
Ability to create promotions and coupon codes to boost sales
Possibility to compare goods
Ability to compare between multiple products

Connection to warehouse accounting systems

Connection to comparison portals

Shop for Rent examples

Jānis Elsons
Very constructive staff and have been really helpful for many years!
Raimonds Zviedris
Thank you for cooperation! The longer we cooperate, the more we are convinced of your competence and honesty, which we highly value in our cooperation partners! Thanks!
Juris Juhņēvičš
Very successful partnership in creating a new online store. By choosing NomasVeikals you could save a lot of money in its creation and the rent paid for the e-shop includes regular updates and improvements :) If something is not clear, very clearly and quickly NomasVeikala support specialists explain everything
Ivars Rupainis
Thanks to the WebDev team! Great job! Before we chose the WebDev optimized e-shop, we did a comparison with similar service providers for a long time! Our main requirement was the ability to connect the E-shop with our existing inventory system, which has been grown and expanded for 20 years, and the control system of online sales agents! We didn't make a mistake with this decision, the WebDev team did a great job! Now we continue to work on a new project! A successful result depends on the choice of a cooperation partner! Special thanks to Elvis Anderson for his professional approach to our requirements!
Ilona Mediņa
Before we chose the Rental store, we paid huge sums of money every time we made changes to the website. Thanks to the Rental Store, we have forgotten about it.
Aija Zāģere
Active and responsive guys;)

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